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Pest Practice gives you a powerful online training tool - on demand and exclusively focused on pest control training and development.

If you need to develop your knowledge of pest control, web-based video training is a cost effective, reliable and convenient way.

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Pest control training - how it works

Pest control is a vast subject and those working as pest management professionals need an increasing array of knowledge to continue to be effective. From pest biology to environmental awareness, from insecticide and rodenticide product knowledge to resistance management techniques and a comprehensive understanding of all the legal obligations - it's all essential for safe, effective pest management.

Pest Practice gives you the ability to choose online pest control training webinars to watch or for your team to watch. You can choose by subject and only pay for what you need.

It's web based, so your team can learn pest control skills wherever they have a laptop.

Each webinar covers a specific topic and gives you video of the tutor alongside the main presentation.

If you're collecting CPD points, the system will keep track of those for you.

Pest control training has never been easier!

Pest control training webinars

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